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LRE Lots For Sale

Lots For Sale - Lake Riverside Estates

All of the lots are 2 1/2 acres or more. Words are not adequate to describe the beauty of the area. If you are looking for the best possible lots available to build your home on, then you will find the lots below to be unquestionably some of the finest in all of LRE. Should you be looking for an average or just a good piece of property, you will find there is a good selection of wonderful properties.


Lot 379: SOLD A lake front 2 1/2 acre lot that is the best lot along with 378. It gently slopes up from the lake to a plateau setting for your home. Mount Cahuilla is often reflected in the lake creating a breathtaking forever view. If you want the finest, you need to consider this lot for your home. You will not find an average size lot in Southern California, much less 2 1/2 acres on a lake for such reasonable prices.


Lot 614: FOR SALE This 3.17 magnificent all usable acres. It has a 360 degree view on a bluff that overlooks the lake and then wide open spaces for 30 miles to the Santa Rosa Mountains. Mount Cahuilla is just off center to where it should be, an unforgettable monument to the area. It slopes upward gently from all directions to the center of the property. The bluff frontage is over a football field wide guaranteeing you this forever lake view. This lot is certainly the second best or the best lot in all of Lake Riverside Estates. $245,000 Terms.


Lot 622: SOLD This may be the most unusual charismatic lot in LRE. Unique with boulders, ravine, but most importantly has the same unreal view of the lake, Mount Cahuilla, and the Santa Rosa Mountains, as it is next to lot 622 at the end of the cul de sac.


Lot 390: SOLD A lake view lot with character, that should be approached from the alley side on Lake Front Drive. As the alley bends, the 2.69 acres begins. You will know you are on the property because it will be to your right and resembles a hidden box canyon with a single large tree in the center. Continue ahead to the back of the property where the telephone wires stretch directly above the property line. Now, back up or walk down about 50 to 100 feet of the alley and enter the property. You should be able to find the bluff that overlooks your box canyon and on to the magnificent lake view. Your home will rest on this bluff to overlook your animals and the dramatic canyon.


ANZA: Lot 16, SOLD the choicest 3.95 acres in all of Anza. Approach by leaving town from Anza, heading for Palm Desert. Just as you leave the town, the highway bends to the left; do not go left. Take Burnt Valley Road straight ahead and continue to Table Mountain Road. Turn left, the lot on the left has a house on it. The end of that property has a fence on it, then an easement. This property goes down that easement 640 feet, then squares off to the right for 621 feet. In about the center of the latter is a huge boulder, the size of a house, on a promenade that overlooks the entire valley of Anza and on for 30 miles. Christmas Eve is every night with lights. Perfect for an apple or walnut orchards. Local water, very important and great 4 seasons weather at about 5,000 feet elevation. Terms


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