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History Lake Riverside Estates,  CA

LRE is a paradise in the heart of Southern California with 55 miles of trails and roads, all behind gates. This private gated community has 1071 2 1/2  acre plus parcels hidden in 3,500 acres, high above the smog and heat.  LRE boasts a private airport with a 3,600 foot runway with lights for night time landings.  The community is zoned equestrian, a place for horses, llamas, goats, etc.  Each lot is a minimum of 2 1/2 acres, a terrific investment for forward thinking people. This is a wonderful place to raise children or retire, a peaceful area with unique weather and gorgeous views.  There is a choice of flat pasture land, runway lots, lakefront lots, hilltop lots , canyon lots or a view of the valley.   The unique weather is one-of-a kind. There is a touch of snow with a true spring, cool summers, and the fragrance of fall air.

The moment you drive through the gates you feel like you are thousands of miles away from this world and the fast paced environment of most place. It is in yesterday land with old fashioned tranquility. You will see the lake, the air strip, ranches, Mt. Cahuilla, and the Santa Rose Mountains.  The island in the center of the lake is special to the residents, as it is the burial ground of the founders of the ranch, the Parks. Lake Riverside Estates is approximately 40 years old.  LRE is approximately 25 minutes from Temecula, a beautiful town with great shopping.  If you love country life, this is the perfect area. If you crave city lights, it is very close, to Temecula and Palm Desert-Palm Springs.  LRE is approximately 25 minutes from Temecula, a beautiful town with great shopping.

On your map, find the City of Riverside, then San Diego. Halfway in between is Temecula on Freeway 15.  From Temecula, go inland on Highway 79 to Aguanga.  A sign will read Indio 371 to the left. Take 371 up the hills for six miles. When you level out and can see a valley, make an immediate left into the Gate of Lake Riverside Estates. When you enter, you will see the Club House and swimming pool on the right.

From Palm Desert, go up Hwy 74 to 371.   Turn left, go through Anza (there is a fabulous 4-acre mountain top for your inspection - See description Lots for Sale).  Continue for about 11 miles to Lake Riverside Estates from the center of Anza.  Go past first gate, then enter through second gate.

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